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Debian OS kernel 2.4.27 on Cobalt Servers insntall drive image script

Please excuse the cross post....
But thought all Coballt MIPS owners may be interested.

Debian on the Cobalts runs well, we have some in use as
Routers, File Servers, email Servers, and DNS server and 
have been running for a couple years, with zero issues.

I have hacked up a script to install Debian Sarge 
Linux kernel 2.4.27 on Cobalt-Mips.
The image loaded on the hard drive is an updated image.

It works well for us, YMMV
You need a PC running Linux in which you install the target drive/s.
The script will partition, format and load the image on the drive/s 

We have actually installed 3 drives on a PC and then ran the script
times with argument for each target drive. Saves power-down/up time
To be able to do more than one drive at a time.



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