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Cobalt MIPS machines available for developers (Europe)

A company kindly donated 10 Cobalt RaQ2s [1] for Debian development.
These machines are based on a 250 MHz MIPS CPU.  While they're not
terribly fast compared to modern systems, they are nice entry level
systems for people who want to learn more about the MIPS architecture
and Debian's MIPS port.

The machines are fully supported by Debian [2] and have the following

  Cobalt RaQ
  250 MHz CPU (little-endian MIPS)
  64 MB RAM
  8 GB IDE hard drive
  1x 100 MBit Ethernet

About half of the machines are in good conditions whereas the other
half has minor problems (mostly fans which are very loud - they
appear to be in the process of dying).  However, I've only briefly
booted the machines so I cannot guarantee how well they really work.

If you're interested in one of these, please email me privately.
Ideally, you should have done work for Debian already.  The machines
are currently located in Cambridge, UK.  They can be picked up either
from there or distribution can happen at FOSDEM in Brussels or at
Debian Conference later next year in the UK.  People from Europe are
preferred for obvious reasons but if you come to DebConf and are
interested in a machine, don't hesitate to get in contact.

[1] http://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/Cobalt
[2] http://www.cyrius.com/debian/cobalt/
Martin Michlmayr

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