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Re: OT: Fine Fan for Cobalt Qube2 or Raq

Chris Gebhardt - VIRTBIZ Internet wrote:
> Peter wrote:
> >I run my Qube2 without fan, it is running 24/7 as a small webserver
> >without problems. (www.petrvz.net) It has a quiet 5400RPM HD, and the
> >inside of the Qube is mostly empty space. I am tempted to state that the
> >Qube2 can do very well without a cooling fan..
> >
> >Peter
> This would appear to be correct.   I have been told that the RaQ2 does 
> not actually require a fan, but consumers demanded it have one because 
> to not have a fan just seemed very strange and users did not trust that.
> We have run several RaQ2's without fans with no ill-effects.   However, 
> later RaQ's generate a good deal more heat, and should not be run 
> without fans.

It might work reasonably well for Qubes, but I recommend against running
mips RaQs without fan. You will easily get temperature and airflow
outside e.g. the harddisk spec.


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