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OT: Fine Fan for Cobalt Qube2 or Raq


just a tip for owners of a Qube2 or Raq2:

I replaced my SUNON-12V Fan with a newly designed 40*40*20mm 12V Fan
from the brand silenX

Its the Model iXtreme Pro 40mm.

It comes with four silicon sound and vibration absorbing fan-mounts
and a power-adapter from the 3 pin-Molex to a 4 pin harddisc-power- connector.

Now my Qube2 is very quieter, so I would like to tell you about that if you want a quieter
cobalt :-))

I paid 15EUR + postage for this fan....a good investment :-))

You can take a look at the fan build in a qube2 at:


Bye from Germany

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