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TUN/TAP module? Also Qube2 Network/Disk speeds

I'm trying to set up OpenVPN on my Qube2, and it appears that the tun
module wasn't built with the distributed kernel.  I attempted to roll
my own, but I've been out of the kernel-building game since I switched
to Debian eons ago, and haven't had too much luck.

I'm running 2.4.27-10.something-or-other.  Should I try the 2.6
kernel?  The box is really just for playing around while I toy with
making it into a NAS.

 And along those lines, I'm currently using it with the stock 6 gig
drive that Cobalt shipped it with, and the transfer speeds (ftp/smb)
are fairly iffy at roughly 1.5-2.0MB/s.  I bumped the memory up to 64
megs, and it's mainly staying out of swap unless if I'm trying to do
too much with it.  Will throwing a more modern drive in it get me
closer to 100bT speeds, or is it architecturally limited to what I'm
getting now?

hdparm has this to say:
cobalt:~# hdparm -Tt /dev/hda

Timing cached reads:    80 MB in  2.00 seconds =  40.00 MB/sec
Timing buffered disk reads:   14 MB in  3.37 seconds =   4.15 MB/sec

 (Actually, looking at the load while transferring, it's hovering
around 2, with proftpd and kjournald fightin' for top honors.  I think
that answers that, a bit..)

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