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qube1 doesn't boot anymore

after a recent power outage my qube doesn't boot anymore.
unfortunately i am not near the machine and have to rely on 3rd party
help to diagnoze the situation.

reportedly the display shows "booting debian" and does nothing.
the machine is not accessible through the network.

i assumed a fsck problem and found a kind soul who took the disk and
verified that the fsck went ok. he also found no new logs, indicating
that the machine did not even get to the point of mounting and writing
to the root partition.

what could keep colo from running the kernel? or cause the kernel to
crash? how can this be diagnosed?

my friend found someone with a raq2 and will now attempt to boot the
disk from there.  but i am not sure if that will help. if the disk is
ok, then booting should work and the problem must be elsewhere in the
qube. but what could it be? 

greetings, martin.
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