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file corruption on Qube2

Hello, folks!

I have a nice Cobalt Qube 2 running with debian mipsel sarge. I have
installed this OS with Martin's Howto. Martin: Good work! I was fun to
install debian with d-i!

My problem: Sometimes I notice file corruption. Almost regularly the files
/var/cache/apt/*.bin get broken, I receive local mail (cron, apticron,
etc.) which are mixed up with arbitrary data from other files or just
binary scrap, cyrus imapd's mailboxes.db gets corrupted and since I
started to use mldonkey, some downloaded files get corrupted (rar reports
broken CRC, video file stuck...) But on the other hand, since I use
mldonkey, no apt caches got corrupted anymore, but I still receive crashed

My config:

Server: Qube2
Kernel: kernel-image-2.4.27-r5k-cobalt (version 2.4.27-10.sarge1.040815-1)
/boot on ext2r0, root on ext3, others on LVM2/XFS partitions
HDD is a SAMSUNG HA200JC (200Gig, 5400rpm)

hdparm -d /dev/hda reports dma off, but hdparm -I prints an * next to
udma2 and hdparm -i doesn't print an * anywhere.

Once I created an empty LVM2 volume and ran badblocks -w on it for one or
two days w/o any problems. So my first guess was, that it might be a
broken XFS driver. But then I read about problems with DMA on Michael's
FAQ page.

Thanks in advance,

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