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Re: WRT54G Support?

On Tuesday 14 February 2006 11:28, Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote 
about 'Re: WRT54G Support?':
> * David Goodenough <david.goodenough@btconnect.com> [2006-02-14 16:34]:
> > I guess they took that direct from Broadcom, and no-one has
> > tried to rewrite it as they have many other things to do.
> Actually, no.  The Broadcom sources are only for 2.4.  Much of the 2.6
> work was done "properly", but it still includes large portions of the
> Broadcom code.  But, yes, I guess getting rid of that is not the
> highest priority when there's so much other work to do.

Since I'm not interested in running 2.4.30 (one of the reasons I want to 
move off of the stanard OpenWRT_WR_rc4) or an 2.4.x kernel it makes sense 
for me to start working on merging OpenWRT's patches into either the 
debian-mips patchset or the linux-mips mainline, right?

Are there organized efforts behind either of these?  Maybe some like minded 
folks that wouldn't mind another C programmer and will put up with my 

I take it this would NOT be the appropriate mailing list, as this is more 
of a user/support list and not a devel list, correct?

Thanks, everyone, for your responses.

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.
ICQ: 514984 YM/AIM: DaTwinkDaddy

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