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Re: Indy, headless

Hartwig Atrops wrote:

Hi all.

Sorry for the late reply.

I would like to use my Indy as a database server (at home). I installed
Debian Sarge successfuly today. Is it possible to run the machine without
keyboard - e.g. some setenv() command?
setenv console s1

I changed the environment parameter from console=g to console=s1 today.

Without keyboard (and mouse) the machine does not boot (and the monitor stays dark). No ping response. With keyboard attached, it boots. Mouse does not work, I cannot select the menue item to set console to g again.
What now?



There is a small black plastic jumper on the motherboard, it is just to the right of where the power wires plug in. Remove the jumper and your Indy will boot to the prom console and you can set things back to "g" again. Read the prom manual at SGI's website for all prom settings. However "setenv console d" sets it to the serial port and no keyboard or mouse is needed to boot headless with that setting. Again remove the jumper ( often called the password jumper ) to get back to a visible graphic console.

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