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Re: Boot floppies for an old SGI Indy?

* Marc Lanctot <sysadmin@meteo.mcgill.ca> [2006-01-11 11:44]:
> Are there any boot floppy images that I could use to create boot
> floppies to boot this old machine, or will I have to go the tftp/ARP
> network boot route like I had to do for one of my Sun machine? Is
> there a HOWTO for installing Debian-mips on such old machine... or
> just a general HOWTO?

Yes, plenty.  http://www.pvv.org/~pladsen/Indy/HOWTO.html and
http://www.zorg.org/linux/indy.shtml describe how to set up the ftpd
server.  The MIPS installation guide is at
Martin Michlmayr

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