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Re: Qube 2 - Debian 3.1 - no soundcore.o driver ?

On 10/24/05, Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote:
* Ch. Odenthal <ch.odenthal@gmail.com> [2005-10-21 14:07]:
>  I have installed my Qube 2 with debian Sarge 3.1. Its the
> 2.4.27.r5k-cobaltkernel.
>  Than i have plug in a Soundblaster PCI 64 (es1370) soundcard.
>  The "es1370.o" driver can i load but what is with the " soundcore.o" driver.
> I can't find it.

What is soundcore.o?  There's sound.o.  Is soundcore.o some ALSA
I don*t know it but if i search for "how to use a Soundcard with linux" then i find :
use the soundcard driver (example : es1370)
an use the soundcore and sound driver.
ALSA need it too. In the Manual : ALSA only runs with loaded soundcore driver.
How can i use the soundcard under Debian Linux ?
Thank you.


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