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Re: Please reenable GCJ on mips

Hi Nathanael,

Nathanael Nerode wrote:
And for pkg-java-maintainers:
* Why was kaffe deliberately broken on mips and mipsel?

It was never _deliberately_ broken on mips and mipsel. On mipsel jikes
went broken and as there is no gcj available we have no option to compile
kaffe there at the moment.

For mips there was one upload which switched to ecj as we have done
for arm to reenable this architecture. But this was reverted at once
in the next upload to jikes (as jikes on mips currently still works).

* If this was being done with the intention of removing kaffe on those architectures, why isn't there a bug against ftp.debian.org requesting the removal of the obsolete binaries? For mipsel, at least, this is still needed.

You are right that this bug has not yet been filed. Done now.


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