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Re: cobalt raq2 as a router - weird connection issues

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Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 10:47 AM
Subject: cobalt raq2 as a router - weird connection issues


What it's doing is when I enable NAT and try to go out to the internet from the lan, things get weird.  Some things work and others don't, and I have no idea what the pattern is.  For instance, I can get to my school's website at www.uakron.edu, but not the one down the road at www.kent.edu.  I can get to google and do a search, but if i try to go to any of the url's (like tldp.org), it won't.  I can even get to a server I have a shell on, at http://irc.shroomery.org/~link BUT can't get to http://irc.shroomery.org/~link/stats.  Same server, but the latter hangs.  The connections hang on 'waiting for site'.  I can also ssh to that server, but can't sftp, it won't connect.  I can duplicate this on several machines.  The web issues I can duplicate with both IE, firefox and lynx.  I can get to all those sites fine from the cobalt itself.  It's just the machines behind it.

try lowering your MTU a bit, I guess it's at 1500 right now, try lets say, 1492 or even a bit lower.
I've had that issue with my ISP when they changed some of their IT equipment.

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