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How to cross-compile a kernel for Cobalt RAQ2 on a x86?

Hi everyone!

Since I'm a bit newbie about compiling and stuff (don't know much besides ./configure and make) I'd like to know if someone could post a tutorial of some sort or maybe link to a good website discussing about kernel cross compiling for Cobalts.

I've been painfully trying to build a kernel that has working network (tulip) support for 2 days straight and on my RAQ2 it takes forever (over 3h before I get an error message) so I'd like to cross-compile from my x86 laptop

Any help would be greatly appreciated as well as any info on what kernel to build. Right now the Cobalt is running 2.4.27-r5k-cobalt (which comes straight out of the Debian 3.1 install ... it even has USB support ... what the heck?!)



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