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Re: NFS file sharing causing system hangs

Glen Gray wrote:
> I doubt it's the network bug being seen in the latest version of the
> kernel as simply doing and ifdown and ifup on the ethernet device would
> bring the network back. This seems to hang the box, possibly a bug in
> the NFS version on MIPS ?

That's a known bug in the -8 cobalt kernel, and some of the changes in
-10 were supposed to fix it... Namely what you can see in the diff at


> I'll try using nfs-user-server and see if that's any better. I'll also
> try using ssh/rsync to get data to the box and see if that works okay.
> Wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

It is not a problem of the NFS version (that's generic code), it is
related to the Galileo PCI bridge setup in the Cobalt.


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