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Re: Indy install problem

jacob wrote:
> This is killing me. I done a substantial amount of searching, however I 
> haven't found what I need. Problem is as follows:
> When booting the netboot image for any of Woody, Sarge or Sid, the Indy 
> stops taking input over the serial console as soon as the image loads. 
> Hitting return during the boot sequence doesn't insert blank lines, and 
> once the installer starts I can't send any kind of input to it. It's an 
> Indy 133MHz R4600, 64MB RAM, unknown SCSI HDD. Further information 
> available upon request, just tell me how to get it. No usable OS on the 
> Indy, no monitors available (yet), only serial access.

That's either a broken cable, or, more likely, a misconfigured terminal
program. 9600 8N1 on both sides should work fine.

(I use "screen /dev/ttyS1" as terminal emulator, other people like
minicom or cu better. Judging from hearsay, minicom might be a bit
less reliable.)


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