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Re: "Kernel panic" while installing Qube 2

Le dimanche 10 avril 2005 à 12:45 +0100, Martin Michlmayr a écrit :
> * Truong PHUONG <truong.phuong@banlieues.be> [2005-04-10 12:37]:
> > > How much memory do you have?
> > 
> > I received the Qube2 without any technical papers. Is there a way to
> > find the available memory on the machine ?
> Look at the serial console when the machine boots; it will display the
> amount of memory.

Texts on the serial console rolled up so quickly that it was impossible
for me to see the amount of memory detected by the kernel.

>   Alternatively, when you boot the installer, it will
> show the amount of memory on the LCD right at the start (before
> choosing "boot via NFS" in the menu).

I see something with "16". Does it mean the Qube2 has 16 MB of RAM ? If
yes, I will try again, with your manual at:

Thanks for all,


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