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RE: can't partition disk?

> I'm having the same problem here. No keyboard selection (minor inconvenience) 
>and no way to advance in the installation beyond and including the "Partition 
>a hard drive" step. I can access, format and mount the disk (in /target, 
>which I have to create myself), but the installation won't buy it, it will 
>just say that the system has no disk drive.
> Do any PROM environment variables have to be set? Or a specific partitioning 

Hi, all!

I had the same problems, and used the already mentioned solution: ran fdisk, mkfs.ext[23] and mounted the new partitions at /target. As I'm new to Debian but used to Slackware, I decided to go on doing things 'manually' ;-) . I installed the base system with "debootstrap" from the command line, did a "chroot" to the new filesystem, and installed a kernel with "arcboot" and "dvhtool". After a reboot (from disk), I could normally install and configure the system.

I guess I have made a kind of detour, but what the ehck.. it worked :-)


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