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Re: Debian in a Octane

John Schmidt wrote:
> Thiemo,
> You mentioned installing debian on an octane via:
> "It can be done, but only via netboot/NFSroot/debootstrap, not via the
> normal installer."
> Are there any explicit instructions on how to do this?

Netboot/NFSroot is explained in several howto-like documents on the web,
google for e.g. "Indy netboot", the nfsroot.txt in the kernel
Documentation may also be useful.

debootstrap is a debian utility and needed to create the NFS root tree,
its manpage should explain enough for that purpose.

> It is my understanding that you need a 64bit kernel to boot the octane.  I 
> assume that you can use the regular sarge/sid repository for the other 
> programs making up debian?

Yes, the regular Debian userland works.

> Is there a 64bit ip30 kernel I could get or do I need to make one myself via a 
> cross-compiler?

See Stanislaw Skowroneks site
and be aware those kernels are experimental.


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