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Re: kaffe in sarge

Am Dienstag, den 22.03.2005, 22:46 +0100 schrieb Arnaud Vandyck:
> The new package has been uploaded with brand new code from cvs head from
> half an our ago!
> Let's wait for the buildd's...

Unfortunately, it seems that mips* still fails. That's very annoying,
and will be fixed by the morning hours, so that Arnaud can upload a new
package. Even if I have to spend the whole night watching toolchains
build. Grr. My mipsel toolchain build with crosstool just died, too.
Double grr.

If someone has a pointer to a repository with a bunch of debs for
cross-compilation toolchains for all Debian architectures for x86, I'd
be very glad to get a pointer. 

In the meantime, I'll build the toolchain for s390, and mips, and hope
that those will work, fix the build for mips pending a successful
toolchain build, and verify that it builds now for s390. It
cross-compiled successfully for me to ia64, that toolchain has built,
finally. Oh, and arm, but arm is kind of pointless currently as jikes
crashes there during the class library build.

dalibor topic,

P.S. Sorry for causing so much trouble in the first place.

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