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Re: problems installing debian on a cobalt raq 550

* Renaud Laborde <renaud.laborde@airinformatique.fr> [2005-01-13 15:24]:
> I have read a howto on installing sarge on a cobalt raq or cube
> (http://www.cyrius.com/debian/cobalt/sarge.html), but I can't make it
> work on a raq 550. Can someone confirm that this howto is applicable or
> not to a raq 550 ?

It is not applicable.  The RaQ 550 uses an Intel compatible process
(see http://www.sun.com/hardware/serverappliances/raq550/specs.html).
My page is only for Cobalt hardware using a MIPS CPU (Raq1, Raq2,
Qube1, Qube2).

I'm afraid I don't know if there's a good HOWTO for Debian or Linux on
Intel based Cobalt machines, but I know that that there is a kernel
patch for it in Debian.

Martin Michlmayr

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