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Re: Debian Woody on SGI O2 -- SUCCESS

Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
> > > Due to some not-yet-debugged quirk in the boot image generator
> > > it needs actually ~140 MB to boot.
> > 
> > Thanks for the answer, Thiemo :-(
> > 
> > How may I help debugging this problem?
> I just tried your debian-sarge-chroot[1] and vmlinux-2.6.9rc2-ip32[2],
> this way:
> bootp(): root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=
> ip= rw 

ip=auto should do, if the dhcpd is set up correctly.
At least this works for me.

> and the machine booted correctly. :-)
> [1]http://www.csv.ica.uni-stuttgart.de/homes/ths/linux-mips/debian-chroots/mips-sarge-2004-07-31.tar.gz
> [2]http://www.csv.ica.uni-stuttgart.de/homes/ths/linux-mips/kernel/vmlinux-2.6.9rc2-ip32
> I had many problems using ip=dhcp since it seems to be broken and the
> DHCP server never got a DHCP request, so the machine used as
> local IP and as boot server!

The former is probably the netaddr from the PROM environment.
The latter is correct as broadcast address used to ask the server
for a client ip.

> and it did booted and mounted the local root filesystem. Great.
> So, next question: is X working on this machine?

I heard it does. I'd like to hear if it works for you. :-)


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