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SUCCESS!!! Re: Installing Debian on a Qube 1

On Fri, Nov 05, 2004 at 04:35:51AM +0100, Martin B?hr wrote:
> > kernel-image-2.4.27-r5k-cobalt_2.4.27-5.040815-1.no.serial_mipsel.deb

what is that thing doing to my disk?
i tried again, (with the same kernel) and now the whole root partition
is completely hosed.

what is this thing doing to hda1?
ok, you mentioned that the system was set up for a certain partitioning
scheme, and since i wanted to get a dual-boot setup used a different
scheme. usually such changes are no problem, i changed fstab to match my
partitions, and that should have been enough.

but when booting there is a lot of disk action, and eventually nothing
happens anymore. i hit reset, the boot menu comes back, more diskaction
and this time the kernel crashes and causes a reboot, and now the boot
menu does not come back, instead, hda1 is completely hosed.

my disksetup is: 
hda1: old cobalt system
hda2: swap
hda3: var of old system
hda4: debian

the machine is booting colo residing in hda1:/boot/
which then mounts hda4 and loads the kernel from that.

could that be messing things up? 
mounting hda4 on top of hda1?
or is colo smart enough to do this right?

anyways, since i was now forced to remove the disk anyways i decided to
put debian onto hda1 now. and after a crash that caused a reboot, the
debian is actually now booting!!!!

so sorry for the false alarm earlier.

the only confusing thing: the network doesn't seem to be brought up.
the machine does not answer to ping on any ip that it could
theoretically have received from the dhcp server. tcpdump does not even
show any network activity to that extent.

i have this strange feeling that the network interfaces are not even
brought up by the kernel. at least i can't see anything in the logs to
the contrary. (i should see something about eth0)

the colo old script which possibly caused the above mentioned
# load the Debian kernel from hda4

-noop {menu-option}
onfail 1f

select 'BOOT KERNEL' 100 debian-2.4 cobalt-2.0
goto {menu-option}

lcd 'mounting hda4'
mount hda4                # <--- this may be whats messing the thing up?
lcd 'loading debian'
load /boot/vmdebian
lcd "Booting Debian"
onfail 1f

lcd 'loading cobalt'
load /boot/backup.gz
lcd "Booting Cobalt"

greetings, martin.
              - Pike - Caudium - sTeam - psycMUVE - LPC -
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