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Re: R10000 / R5000 and Debian

Il lun, 2004-08-30 alle 16:18, The Fungi ha scritto:
> What he means is, Debian does not currently support IP32 MIPS
> architectures and still likely won't when Sarge is released.
> Preliminary support might appear in Sid in a few months but right
> now, unless you're comfortable cross-compiling an IP32 Linux kernel
> on some other platform and helping with its development, you'll have
> to wait. Sorry.

Lately I got two SGI O2, IP32, with an R5000@200 Mhz, with one 2Gb SCSI
disks, SCSI cdrom, 2x32Mb RAM. I may try to help the development and/or
lend one of them for a 6-12 months period. Actually it is in Turin


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