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Re: R10000 / R5000 and Debian

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> > I found on the Debian-Website that there are known problems for these models:
> The mips page is unfortunately fairly out of date.

That specific part of the website refers to an outdated upstream
kernel status, not to the available Debian suport.

> > O2 R10000 is NOT supported
> I think there's support now, but I'm not sure.

There isn't. O2 R10000 needs some major work before it will run

> > O2 R5000 - EXPERIMENTAL without framebuffer
> This should work but I cannot test it.  I did an installation via
> serial console (with my modified boot images) and that worked fine.

Currently, the kernel doesn't compile without a rather gross hack,
the framebuffer is slow (but apparently stable now), and mouse
detection needs another hack. IIRC there's also some problem with
RTC access. So the kernel is relatively close, and everything on top
of it that should just work.


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