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Re: Rebuild Kernel for Qube 2 on sarge and LCD Status Display like woody

Marcus Schwarz wrote:
> Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> Hi again.
> >Just download the source (it's in the kernel-patch-2.4.26-mips
> >package) and compile it; stick the kernel in /boot and update
> >/boot/default.colo
> > 
> >
> Sorry but with dselect or aptitude there is no kernel-patch-2.4.26-mips.
> Only a 2.4.25-mips

The kernel-patch-*-mips was dropped after 2.4.25, use

	apt-get source kernel-patch-2.4.26-mips

to get the debian source (it ends up in the current working directory).


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