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Re: Raq2 Sarge Install Disk Errors

Hi David,

your problem seems to be strange....

On other hardware-platform like a SAT-Receiver (Hyundai HS-830HCI) there is a problem with some Manufacturers of Harddrives because of the level which is used for DMA-Transfer. The receiver doesnt work properly with some drives if they are in UDMA-133 Mode.
The receiver did use a lower DMA-Level like the Cobalt RAQ/Qube.

Some drives, like the ones from Samsung, could be reconfigured to use UDMA 100,66 or 33

This did help sometimes on the Hyundai.

The problem with the partitions created on a PC when using it with a Cobalt-Computer could be resulted in using a different translation-scheme (Heads, Cylinder, Sectors) for formating the drive (like CHS or LBA).

The AUTO-Function in your PC may not give you the same result as the detection in the RAQ.

My drives only did hang/freeze if they are limited, by Jumper, to 32GB.

Dont set they to cable-select ....


Whats the Name of the Manufacturer and the Modell-Nuber/Name of your Drives?
(I did only find data about the size of your drives).


Am 13.08.2004 um 23:27 schrieb David Thurman:

I am continuing my saga on trying to get Martin's sarge to install on a

I can place the drives on a regular PC, use the Sarge netinstall iso/cd and it will load fine, even loaded Woody 3 on the same drives and it will see
them, auto partition them and all.

When I throw the drives (1 at a time) back on the RaQ2 I get the following
errors or issues.

 I fdisk'd the drives and reset a single
partition as primary, I even partitoned the drive with the woody disk to have 3 partitons /boot / and swap and it still didn't see these, or if did see the drive it would run the auto installer and partition the drive, but on see half the actual drive size.

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