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Raq2 Sarge Install Disk Errors

I am continuing my saga on trying to get Martin's sarge to install on a

I am leaning towards a bad hard drive collection, though 2 out of 2 drives
being bad seems a little steep.

I can place the drives on a regular PC, use the Sarge netinstall iso/cd and
it will load fine, even loaded Woody 3 on the same drives and it will see
them, auto partition them and all.

When I throw the drives (1 at a time) back on the RaQ2 I get the following
errors or issues.

1. terminal display error:

ECC circuitry error / plus other had sync errors, as well as hdc errors
which I am attributing to no CD-Rom drive.

On the terminal with the debian GUI display I get one issue that it doesn't
seem to see the harddrive partition, I fdisk'd the drives and reset a single
partition as primary, I even partitoned the drive with the woody disk to
have 3 partitons /boot / and swap and it still didn't see these, or if did
see the drive it would run the auto installer and partition the drive, but
on see half the actual drive size. When going ahead, it eventually ask to


Hitting retry or ignore finally gives me this error;

Input/output error during read on

I have googled these and get a slew of reasons and most point to hardware
issues, but that doesn't make sense since I can load the the i386 debian's
on the hard drives.

Any suggestions or things to look for, I would prefer not to go out and
spend $$ on another drive when I feel the 2 here are fine.

David Thurman
The Web Presence Group
Web Development/E-Commerce/CMS/Hosting/Dedicated Servers

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