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Re: init justs reboots the system out of the blue

Thiemo Seufer <ica2_ts@csv.ica.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a very strange problem with my mipsel system. I boot via
>> network and nfs-root, activate NBD devices and then
>> cd /mnt
>> exec chroot . /sbin/init
>> The system boots up till the login prompt and everything seems
>> fine. But after a while (if I login or not) I get:
>> | Broadcast message from root (Sat Aug  7 07:01:27 2004):
>> | 
>> | The system is going down for system halt NOW!
>> and the system goes down the drain.
> This sounds like an active watchdog without a demon feeding it.
> Thiemo

The system only goes down if I start init. If i boot /bin/sh it stays

Also from my experience with watchdogs, years back, they just reset
the system. Here init changes into runlevel 6 and then hangs itself
when it kills the NBD devices.

And if anything in the rc* scripts starts a watchdog shouldn't it also
start the deamon to keep it alive? But I will check none the less once
the kde builds are done (I dug out my old nfs-root from backup and
that runs fine with the same hardware and kernel).


PS: Do you know if cdebootstrap or dselect would pull in any watchdog
things by default?

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