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Re: arcboot- & SGI O2

Hi Kumba,
On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 07:55:05PM -0400, Kumba wrote:
> Been trying to get arcboot to work with an O2 unit, but I'm bumping into 
> what may be bugs, wondering if you might have ideas ideas how to work 
> around these.
arcboot has a build dependency on gcc-2.95 for a reason, Easily fixable,
but not before the sarge release.

> Building arcboot as elf32-tradbigmips allows the O2 to actually load it, 
> from both the volume header and via netboot.  However, it seems to have 
> issues loading kernels, including o64, 64, and 32-bit kernels.  The PROM 
> generates one of its panics.  Below is the output from an attempt to use 
> arcboot to load an o64 kernel off disk (gas-abi set to o64, O2 can't 
> boot true 64-bit kernels directly)
Did you check if your self built arcboot loads 32bit kernels at all
(e.g. on IP22), the one in the archive certainly does? 
I can't check myself, since i don't have an o2 nearby, but i was told
that booting viviens "old" IP32 2.5 kernels works. did you check if
anything in the link script changed since then? Could you explain the
problems that show up when trying to boot the kernel out of the vh,
maybe that's related?
 -- Guido

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