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Re: Sarge.tgz Installer Strangeness RaQ2 [SCANNED]

On 7/30/04 10:09 AM, "David Thurman" wrote:

To answer myself.

> We attempted to do a manual partition but when we finished with our
> partition settings, the installer never gave a continue method to start the
> process, it would keep re-looping us to guide or help with the partition.

Sometimes depending, we don't get the auto-partitioning tool.

Do some mirrors not carry the same distro? Also we are getting a lot of
time-outs from ftp.us.debian.org and ftp.debian.org (both seemed to have the
complete package for the auto-partitioning tool)
> On the last attempt, the drive size was listed as 2.4 TB!!! Be nice if the
> installer was magically creating larger drives ;)

Still no idea why it did this. We have since removed the drive and are
trying a 15 gig drive.
> Also when using minicom we would at times get a lot of garbled output, when
> using screen seemed to be the same thing.

We are using a different machine that has unstable, and the minicom version
2.1 seems to not display the scrambled screen as well as we are running in
color. (Nice feature)
> We are using a Debian Woody server as the source server, with 2.2* something
> kernel (it's and older development box we had handy).
> Any ideas or work arounds or suggestions. I have read the MIPS list 3 times
> over on all RaQ2 related posts as well as Googled this out but after 100+
> emails and lots of coffee and extended hours on this I am at a blur so
> pardon my rambles.

We did find a lot of our answers by doing some additional reading and
viewing of the Debian-MIPS archives, so I apologize for the redundant

We are still attempting to get the RaQ to install the Debian sarge build
with our main area of issue the partitioning.


David Thurman
The Web Presence Group
Web Development/E-Commerce/CMS/Hosting/Dedicated Servers

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