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Re: compatibility of libg2c and libffi built by gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.4

Matthias Klose wrote:
> Hi,
> This is one of the last questions before an upload of gcc-3.4 to
> unstable ...
> Both libg2c and libffi have the same soname version for it's shared
> library, when built with gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.4. The release notes for
> gcc-3.4 list some incompatibilities for mips-linux (i.e. passing and
> returning arguments of type complex). Are these both really compatible
> (can the gcc-3.4 built libararies a replacement for these built with
> gcc-3.3)?

AFAICS only if the interfaces of those libraries don't trigger any
of the changes. The little endian side is hit harder by that, IIRC.


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