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JTE (Jigdo Template Export) v1.2 released

I've finished version 1.2 of JTE. See 


for more details. For the benefit of people other than on -cd, this is
a patch that will allow us to generate .jigdo and .template files
directly using mkisofs rather than having to spend LOTS of CPU to
convert ISO images.

The main new feature in this version is boot support for alpha, hppa,
mips and mipsel. At the moment, producing bootable CDs for one of
these platforms means that you have to run a separate program to
modify the ISO image after you've created it. I've merged code from
these programs (isomarkboot, palo, isogenvh and delo) into mkisofs and
it will now produce (what appear to be) fully working images in a
single step. I can't test the images, but they are identical to the
output of those helper programs. Please help test - I don't have
hardware for all of those architectures!

Mkisofs maintainer(s): please could you look at this patch and apply
it in the Debian package. I appreciate that sending this upstream to
Joerg will be awkward, so I'm quite happy to update the patch
long-term if necessary.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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