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Re: Hi - yet another problem regarding printing....

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
Stefan Deling wrote:

The diff against linux-mips.org CVS is available from

New version, updated for current CVS but untested.
In particular, the DPRINTK in the interrupt handler looks suspect
to me.

Hi there!

I just compiled a new kernel ( version 2.4.23-rc5 ) from linux-mips
cvs tree. I applied your patch and it works just fine for me.

What is the last version of the driver??

Nice to hear :-)
I get some funny characters printed when I do a module unload/load
cycle. Does this also work for you?

Yes. I just did a "rmmod lp && rmmod parport_ip22" and then re-loaded the drivers. I am able to print the test-page as usual ;-)

Did somebody ever try e.g. an Iomega Zip drive or something like that?

Well, I have no such device besides of a PLIP cable, which I
didn't try yet.

Nice. Got a plip cable, too... lying somewhere around here, have to look for it and get more coffe, too ;-)



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