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Re: Howto install Cobalt Raq2 or Cube?

On Sat, Dec 06, 2003 at 02:47:20PM +0100, Oliver Schwank wrote:

> I am getting a little bit upset with this kind of hardware, and I 
> consider to switch to NetBSD The support for this kind of hardware   
> looks better there. 
> If the Debian project is not able to support it,
> than I think they should let die the Cobalt support at all. 

Feel free to fix the outstanding kernel problems... 

First please note that there is as of now no official cobalt support
in Debian. We are working on it, but this is mostly a matter of
kernel problems (networking is broken and current CVS causes random
segfaults on cobalts without a visible cause) and a missing
bootloader being able to
a) boot large kernels
b) work with a ramdisk.

We already had people looking after the networking issues, but
unfortunatly this problem does not occur on all machines and the one
we had was not affected by this bug. We hope to get a machine showing
this bug during the next months, so there is still hope. Regarding
the random segfaults in CVS, I have no idea how this can be fixed. It
might be some cache handling issue, but I just don't know enough
about cache handling routines to be of any help there. Volunteers
are welcome :-). 

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