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Re: The long and windy build queue.....

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Karsten Merker wrote:

On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 10:57:07AM +1000, Stuart Longland wrote:

		- Gateway Microserver (a.k.a Cobalt Qube 2)
			CPU: R5000 250MHz ?? little endian
			RAM: 64MB
			HDD: 10GB
			OS:  Debian Unstable/MIPSel

Does this machine have one or two ethernet interfaces? Which kernel
do you use on it? Does it show the "network speed goes down and down"
problem, when transferring larger amounts of data?

It does -- two tulips as far as I know.  I'm only using eth0 right now.
I'm running the standard Debian kernel, 2.4.18. I've tried building a later kernel but I've never got a custom kernel to behave. Last time I tried, I ended up with no network, and the serial console was corrupted.

I haven't noticed the fault you describe, but then again, it rarely sees huge amounts of data. In fact, since we've moved Atomic Linux over to BerliOS it's seen practically nothing.

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