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The long and windy build queue.....

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Hi All,

	I'm aware that the queue for the package build has been busy for some
time now, and at this moment, I have two mips machines doing nothing at
the moment.  Is it worth me setting them up so I can start them building
some of these packages?

	The two machines are as follows:
		- Silicon Graphics Indy
			CPU: R4600 SC 133MHz big endian
			RAM: 256MB
			HDD: 9.1GB
			OS:  Gentoo Linux/MIPS

		- Gateway Microserver (a.k.a Cobalt Qube 2)
			CPU: R5000 250MHz ?? little endian
			RAM: 64MB
			HDD: 10GB
			OS:  Debian Unstable/MIPSel

	At the moment, the Gateway machine is publically accessible via SSH (it
was being used as a CVS server for Atomic Linux before we moved to
BerliOS), however the Indy is not accessible at this point.  I probably
won't be able to make them truly public machines, however I am willing
to set them up with whatever packages are necessary to start building,
and reducing this queue.

	The Indy is running Gentoo Linux at the moment -- although I haven't
got around to installing a kernel at this stage -- last attempt yeilded
nasty compiller errors. (perhaps I should try a v2.6 kernel)  I can
re-load it with Debian if necessary.

	Let me know if you are interested, and I'll see what I can do.
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