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Re: Unable to tftp to Indy

On Fri, Oct 10, 2003 at 09:03:28AM -0700, Cameron Mac Millan wrote:

> 	>> bootp()/tftproot/tftpboot.img
> 	No server for /tftproot/tftpboot.img.
> 	Your netaddr environment variable may be set incorrectly, or
> 	the net may be too busy for a connection to be made.
> 	Unable to execute bootp()/tftproot/tftpboot.img

Does getting _exactly_ the same filename (i.e. /tftproot/tftpboot.img) from
another machine work? Are you perhaps running your tftpd chrooted, so
that the filename would have to be /tftpboot.img instead of

Have you tried the other options described at:


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