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Re: Video hangs on Indy after "upgrade"

On Mon, Aug 11, 2003 at 09:33:20AM +0800, Alex Dawson wrote:
> Hi,
> I am "lucky" enough to have access to several indys. I had (up until 
> thursday night) an R5000/150 with 8bit graphics, and an R4600SC/133 
> with 24bit XZ graphics. One look at the XZ board suggested it would 
> be a pain in the rear to change, so initially I changed the 
> processor, ram and HDD from the R5000 onto the R4600 system. However 
> the R4600 board didn't want anything to do with this new fangled 
> R5000 processor, and I didn't feel like doing a PROM upgrade, so I 
> swapped everything back and took out the video boards from both 
> systems and swapped the XZ into the R5000. No small feat either, but 
> no problem really.
> It powers on, and goes into maintenance mode, and lets me do hinv and 
> displays the correct details, but once you type boot, or let the 
> system boot up, the display and the system hangs. Or so I thought. 
> Today, fresh from a weekend of messing around with a new PC, which 
> caused me just as much fun, I listened carefully and it sounded like 
> it was booting up.. even tho the screen wasn't updating and just 
> sitting at the "Welcome to INDY" screen with "Starting up the system" 
> showing. I hop back on my Mac.. and was able to ssh into the machine..
> So basically, it's up and running, but the video so isn't working. 
> Has anyone got an R5000 to work with Linux and an XZ graphics board 
> and has any tips or hints?

The only graphics supported is Newport XL. In case of XZ you're out of luck.
This would eventually change as soon as I'll update and test Michael
Schroeder's console driver that only uses functions from the ARCS prom and
therefore should work on all SGIs.


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