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efs compiled into default debian kernel?

I have an Indigo2 4.4K, and before I install linux on
it, I want to play around with Irix a bit.
Unfortunately, I don't have the root password, since I
bought the machine at surplus. I want to delete the
password with linux. I set up the machine to boot the
linux kernel. Once I boot the kernel through tftp, and
I hit alt-f2 for the shell, can I acess the irix efs
partion? I would do this as follows:
cat /proc/partitions
mknod /tmp/irixdrive b <major> <minor>
cd /tmp
mkdir mnt
mount irixdrive mnt/ -o loop -t efs
chroot mnt/

Does the default debian kernel support mounting the
SGI efs partition so I can delete the password?

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