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XFree86 Problems


I am having some difficulties running X on an SGI Indy.

X works just fine in 24 bit and 8 bit modes for a period of time
(usually < 5 mins) but then the screen goes blank and I have to
reboot in order to use it again.  The screen even stays blank when I
switch back to the console (ctrl-alt-bkspce or ctrl-alt-fx).

This didn't used to happen with the debian stable version of X,
however this only supported 8 bit display.  It does happen however
using the testing and unstable versions.

Does anyone have any suggestions / have experienced similar
problems?  Is there any way to install XFree 4.3 without

Thanks for any help

could you please reply to me directly as the mailing list program
kept on sending me hundreds of confirm messages after i had
confirmed and was recieving the list messages.

- lachlan


James Lachlan Kanaley


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