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Re: Troubles mounting during install

Hi Bill,
On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 12:59:02AM -0500, Bill Gatliff wrote:
> I have CD images named debian-30r1-mips-binary-[123456], the contents of 
> which I have extracted and placed in an NFS-mountable directory.  I also 
> have the contents of root.img, which I have also extracted and mounted 
> in an NFS-mountable directory.
Like this?
 `- root.img
 `- cdimages
 `- new-root

> When I launch my kernel, it mounts the contents root.img fine.  When the 
> debian installer comes up, it says, "I had trouble checking the root 
> device.  I don't know what to use as the root fs", as expected.
Could you check the logs for other messages concerning the nfs root
detection? You can browse the logs on the nfs server in

> I select "Mount a Previously-Initialized Partition", enter the NFS mount 
> information, and tell it to mount it as the root filesystem.  Then the 
> installer says "Mount failed: no such file or directory".  Logs on my 
So does the directory actually get mounted? You can spawn a shell from
within the installer to check.
 -- Guido

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