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Troubles mounting during install


I'm running my own linux-2.4.21 kernel on a MIPS single board computer, trying to set up a debian root filesystem over NFS. Unfortunately, I'm kinda new to debian (but growing to like it quickly!)...

I have CD images named debian-30r1-mips-binary-[123456], the contents of which I have extracted and placed in an NFS-mountable directory. I also have the contents of root.img, which I have also extracted and mounted in an NFS-mountable directory.

When I launch my kernel, it mounts the contents root.img fine. When the debian installer comes up, it says, "I had trouble checking the root device. I don't know what to use as the root fs", as expected.

I select "Mount a Previously-Initialized Partition", enter the NFS mount information, and tell it to mount it as the root filesystem. Then the installer says "Mount failed: no such file or directory". Logs on my NFS server confirm that the directory *was* successfully requested by the MIPS computer. In fact, the installer is coming from the same mount point, so if I weren't able to mount it, I wouldn't be able to see the installer...



* I can serve up and mount NFS fine, otherwise I wouldn't be able to run the installer on the MIPS system. * The NFS information I'm providing for the root filesystem is the same mount point used by the kernel to find the root filesystem in the first place. Hence, it's mountable.



Bill Gatliff
Embedded GNU and Linux development, training

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