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Re: Problems running XFree86 (Debian 4.2.1-6) at 1024x768 on Indy

On Mon, 2003-06-02 22:52:57 +1000, Stuart Longland:
> 	The biggest of these being XFree86 winging that the video mode,
> 1024x768 is not supported.  I'm also unable to run at other (lower)
> resolutions too.  I'd run at a higher resolution if I was able to, but
> I'm using a LCD monitor (Indy Presenter 15") which has a maximum
> resolution of 1024x768.
The server doesn't set the video mode itself but relies on the PROM to
do so. Since lots of people got confused by that (selecting 1024x768
while the PROM set the mode to 1280x1024 and vice versa) I decided to
hardcode 1280x1024 since this seems what most people wanted anyway. To
get this fixed "properly" we just need a small piece of code that checks
which video mode the Indy is in and select the proper resolution for the
X server - I meant to add this since ages.
I'll try to find time for this next weekend (please remind me in case I
should forget this again).
 -- Guido

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