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more kernel troubles

Ok, I've finally found a laptop with a working serial port and have
been able to try building a kernel on my own.  Unfortunately, the
kernel I've built doesn't seem to be bootable by the cobalt.  It makes
it through the two "Decompressing" stages, and stops cold in its
tracks.  I have built the kernel to be fairly small, with the
compressed size being 569,344 bytes, and the uncompressed kernel being
1,552,384 bytes.
Although I've not come up with an exact answer as to the maximum size
of the kernel permitted by the cobalt's firmware, the one built by
Paul Martin that I'm using now is 1,665,024 bytes decompressed.
I'm not sure why this kernel won't boot, as I'm clearly under the
maximum allowed size.  I suspect that I may have screwed something up
during the kernel configuration.  I have posted my kernel config to my
webspace at http://www.aboleo.net/config-cobalt .  If anyone out there
would be so kind as to take a look at it, I would be most


Nik Reiman // nik@aboleo.net \\ http://www.aboleo.net

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