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Re: question cross-compiler

On Fri, 2003-04-04 13:08:21 +0200, Brian Murphy <brm@tt.dk>
wrote in message <3E8D67A5.4070302@tt.dk>:
> Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> >Brian Murphy wrote:
> >>Frank Loeffler wrote:
> >>>export PATH=~/mips/crossdev/build/bin:$PATH
> >>>
> >>>$ ./configure --prefix=~/mips/crossdev/build/ --target=mips64-linux 
> >>>--with-newlib --enable-threads
> >>>
> >>Did you build binutils with the same prefix and target? You should 
> >>probably
> >>also have --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld here, it probably defaults to some 
> >>mips assembler.
> >
> >Not needed, the mips*-linux config defaults to GNU tools.

> Where is the recommended way documented? Who does the recommending? The 
> recommended way
> requires a libc in the process. The standard build process fails if 
> there is no libc. I want to be able to
> build a toolchain without libc - kernel compilation do not require it 
> why should it be there waiting to
> cause problems?

It's even worse. To build gcc, you need the target's libc headers. To
get glibc's headers, you need kernel's headers. To get those, you need
to 'make xxxconfig' the kernel. To do so, you already need the

I've just figured that out yesterday or the day before (I'm currently
interested in cross-compilers as I've started to document that:)


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