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Re: Kernel build trouble on indigo2

Hi Franco,
On Sat, Dec 28, 2002 at 10:49:31PM +0100, franco.tassone@inwind.it wrote:
>    - export PATCH_THE_KERNEL=YES
>    - export PATCH_DIR=/usr/src/kernel-patches/mips/
You can omit the '--arch mips' and PATCH_DIR parts if you're not crosscompiling.
>    - make-kpkg --arch mips debian (this applies the mips patches)
>    - configure the kernel as needed
Your kernel configuration looks suspicious, did you run a 'make
oldconfig' here? Please try to copy the configuration from
/boot/config-2.4.*-r4k-ip22 to .config and run 'make oldconfig' at this
 -- Guido

P.S.: and please try to get rid of the ^M at the end of each line of
your mails, it makes them very hard to read.

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