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Re: SGI Indy R5000: dpkg --configure xfonts-75dpi crash

iiOn Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 11:36:55AM +0000, Greg MATTHEWS wrote:
> interesting... i got this behaviour (huge dump to screen followed by hard lock 
> up requiring mains lead tug) whenever i tried to apt-get xdm. in fact xdm was 
> part of one of the tasksel options that i tried to install. i was able to boot 
> single user and apt-get remove xdm and my indy booted fine. any attempt to 
Problem of xdm reading blindly out of /dev/mem. Use
 DisplayManager*randomFile: /dev/urandom
in xdm-config as a workaround. For more details see
Should be fixed by one of the next uploads of xfree86 to unstable.
 -- Guido

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