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Re: c++ problems - konqueror, etc.

Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> > An o32 GOT table can have a maximum size of 64kB (16k entries)
> > because that's the maximum offset a load instruction accepts:
> > 
> > 	lw	$reg, <offset>($gp)
> > 
> > loads the address of an data item from the GOT. GAS/GLD is currently
> > very wasteful with these precious GOT entries, any entry which _could_
> > be needed is allocated. There is no reference counting to drop unneeded
> > GOT entries lateron. This leads to GOT overflow for very large
> > executables or libraries.
> > 
> > The right way to solve it would be to implement GOT reference
> > counting in MIPS binutils. Hope that helps :-)
> But even then the GOT will overflow eventually. 16k entries is not that much...

It will give at least some more space. I don't think it's possible
to extend o32 beyond that limit without breaking binarry compatibility.


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