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Re: Re: Indigo2 and woody

Hy Ryan,

no it doesn't, it even restores the old netaddr value, though I've changed
it; it's surprising, it doesn't lose the mac address and furthermore it
restores all the previous values, probably from a previous irix install.
There is none in this group who installed debian on an Indigo2 ?

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> > s appear to be corrupted after reboot, for =0D=0Aexample I have
> >  hinux" or "OSLoadPartition /dav/sda1", but I =0D=0Aentered correctly
> >  first time and booted.=0D=0AMore often after reboot I have NVRAM
> > m failed and the system =0D=0Arestores the previous firmware
> Hmm, is it losing the MAC address too?  If so, your NVRAM battery may be
> failing.
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